Selection & Placement Consulting

Following the Personnel Selection & Placement Contract made between
Pera Career Solutions and the client,
the Selection and Placement Process begins;

Request Form

1. Request Form

Selection and placement process begins with the “Personnel Request Form” coming from the client. The headings included in the request form are as follows;

Company Introduction: It includes the website, products manufactured, clients, competitors, suppliers, acquired quality certificates, the ERP-MRP programs used, projects.

Position Analysis: The position within the organizational structure (name of the position, department of the job, position to which reporting is made, work place)

Identification of the Desired Qualities: Education, work experience, foreign language skills and proficiency, computer skills, age, military status.

Job Description: Job description and responsibilities.

Competence: Managerial knowledge and skills expected for the position.

Details regarding salary and working conditions.


2. Search

Search is made based on the qualities and competence described in the job description through using our company's (SearchFastfindthe Best) candidate database, network, headhunting method and other career portals. The CVs of the suitable candidates are uploaded to the document management system that we provide for our clients free of charge. In addition to the upload, an e mail generated by the system is sent out to inform your company's representative. You can guide our consultants by writing comments on this portal about the CVs that have been shared with you.

Phone Interview

3. Phone Interview

Phone interviews are conducted with the candidates who may be suitable for the job. Queries are made to make sure whether the candidates are suitable for the job and the company, and appointment are made if they are found suitable. Candidates with promising CVs are invited to the interview through a pre interview. In the case of those residing in remote locations, however, the images of their CVs are requested to be sent over, which is then recorded on our system for you to view afterwards. Our technological infrastructure has the capacity to let you view even the briefest visual resumes of the candidates that are recorded with mobile phone cameras. Phone interviews are also recorded.

Yüz Yüze Mülakat

4. Face to Face Interview

In face to face interviews, the skills and competence of the candidates analyzed, where their educational and professional background as well as the theses and project they have previously completed are critically evaluated. Interviews are conducted in English for the positions that require foreign language skills. As a result of the interview, the profile analysis, competence and personality traits of the candidate are assessed using methods pertaining to Pera Career Solutions. The short list and/or long list made for the candidates, the Interview Assessment Report to be submitted to the client and the Profile Analysis Assessment Report are sent to the client company’s representative via e mail.


5. Selection

Appointments are made with the candidates found suitable by the client, and the interviews are organized accordingly. Upon the client's request, a competency test is applied to the suitable candidate, the results of which are shared with the client.


6. Placement

Upon the client’s request, reference searches and checks are made regarding the candidate for whom the job offer will be made. Upon the client’s request, the candidate is offered the job. A list of employment documents is shared with the candidates who accept the job offer.


7. Responding

Other candidates are sent the application assessment results along with a thank you note.

Deneme Süresi Takibi

8. End of the Process

The candidate who has been authorized for employment as per the labor law provisions is monitored within the Probation Period. In the event that the personnel loses his/her job for whatever reason (such as adaptation to the job, work performance, adaptation to the corporation, technical capacity) within 2 months following his/her recruitment, the corporation is offered services with a holistic approach. In such as case, efforts are made to replace the candidate in question with another personnel for the same position who has the same capacity and suitability.

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